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Thu, 14 Sep 2017 14:25:00
Visconte Simon Cocozza is renowned in the equine world for his work in connecting the horse's unique posture and self-carriage with traditional human training methods such as Yoga and dance. The aim is to improve the horse's core strength and flexibility - and it's been shown to work most successfully!

Simon is a performance coach and examiner for La Federation Francaise D’Equitation (FFE) as well as a British qualified trainer and one of Europe’s leading bio-dynamics researchers. 

Simon is based in Normandy, France and performs clinics and lectures internationally.

*We are delighted that SIMON COCOZZA has agreed to join us in Somerset to run 5 days of clinics at Hill House and Glenda Spooner Farm, in which he will explain how we can fully mobilise our horse’s core structures, essential for smoother gaits. *

Glenda Spooner
      ‘Releasing your horse’s inner dancer’

   Kingsdon, Somerton TA11 7LA
Saturday 7 October 2017


Sessions are TWO HOURS each, taking place between 0900 and 1800. Groups of 4 and 2-1 sessions are available. 

Each session will begin with a 30 minute talk by Simon, before moving to the indoor school for the ridden session. 

Assistance with horses will be available on request. Spectator places are available.

Cost: Groups of 4 @ £75 per horse/rider combination
2-1 @ £140 per horse/rider combination
Spectator places @ £15 per person

           Riding Clinic

'Riding your Horse's inner Dancer'

Hill House Farm, Buckland Dinham, BA11 2RB
Wednesday 4, Thursday 5, Friday 6, Sunday 8 October 2017
Clinic sessions are ONE AND A HALF HOURS, taking place between 1200 and 1900 each day. 

Groups of 4 and 2-1 sessions are available.
Cost: Groups of 4 @ £65 per horse/rider combination, 2-1 @ £130 per horse/rider combination

NB Stabling is available, bookable in advance directly with Hill House.

Each participant in the Riding Clinic will be taught how to use specific Yoga, Dance and Athletic exercises to supple and strengthen their horse’s deepest muscles, which will enable their horse to move better, perform more willingly, and help avoid injury.
‘Usual training methods strengthen the major muscle groups in our horses, yet muscles deep inside, whose job it is to hold good posture in the paces, can remain untrained. The horse’s gait loses straightness and fluidity even if fit and active. If we want our horses to dance we must train the whole body, as we do a human athlete’s, by making weak areas strong then what was difficult becomes easy, beautiful and sustainable’.
Exercises will be tailored to the individual horse & rider and participants are asked to provide details of the horse or pony’s height, age, breed, condition, job (including level), weaknesses and any past injuries. If there are specific mobility issues please explain further.
The clinic is open to riders, horses and ponies at every level. Places are limited with groups determined according to ability and level of experience.

Veronica Lee: 07545773156  Email:


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