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Rider High Vis

Fluorescent and reflective tabards, jackets and hatbands are must-haves for any horse-rider who often finds him or herself on or near roads in any part of the country, at any time of the day or night. If you, and your horse, are not clearly visible to passing traffic disaster may result.

You may not think high-viz yellow or fluorescent neon pink, green and orange are particularly fashionable or attractive colours to turn out in, but decking yourself out in them could well save your life.

A great deal of research has gone into identifying the most visible and noticeable colours to wear in different situations and in different light conditions, and when it comes to horse-riders on a leafy country lane in summer sunshine, high-viz yellow is, surprisingly, not ideal!

Fluorescent orange and pink would be a better choice if you want to pick up the UV rays and glow, standing out against the background, likewise in grey, misty weather.

On dark days or in the evening yellow will stand out, but at night it's essential to have reflective patches or tape on your clothing to pick up car headlights as you wend your way homewards.

Rider High Vis
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