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The Perfect Fit - Saddle Fitting Kit

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The Perfect Fit Kit provides every horse owner with the ability to check that their saddle fits their horse or pony properly.

A saddle is to a horse as a shoe is to a human. If a saddle doesn't fit, if it is too tight, too big or the wrong shape, too hard, too soft or too lumpy, your horse or pony will experience discomfort and/or pain. This discomfort and/or pain will make him unhappy and often cause tension and bad behaviour. Also, the saddle may restrict your horse's movement and make him unable to work properly or to his potential. But, even if you have a horse with no problems, it doesn't mean the saddle fits properly or is comfortable. It must be checked to be sure it fits perfectly.

A comfortable saddle is one of the most important factors in a horse's well being. If you care about your horse or pony be sure the saddle fits properly. Never, ever, guess the fit of your saddle. Never use a saddle that hasn't been measured for your horse.

Always measure your horse and saddle if there's a chance that he may have lost or gained weight.

An ill fitting saddle can cause many problems including: Sores, rub marks or white hairs in the saddle area - - doesn't like work - - doesn't like the saddle going on - - doesn't like the rider getting on - - bucks - - bolts - - dry (sometimes slightly raised) patches amongst the sweat marks under the saddle after work - - rears - - is difficult to handle - - doesn't use him/herself properly - - doesn't like the girth being done up - - performs poorly - - cold backed - - doesn't like jumping - - is difficult to catch - - hollows under rider's weight - - is unhappy to go forward - - resists being on the bit - - doesn't ride or jump straight- - unsoundness - - tension

If you want your horse to be happy and able to get the most out of life, performing to his or her potential then you must make sure the saddle fits perfectly. The Perfect Fit saddle fitting kit will help you to do this REMEMBER! If your saddle doesn't fit PERFECTLY (how many times do we hear - "it'll do") you RISK PLACING STRAIN not only on your HORSE'S BACK, but also on the LEGS, sometimes with DISASTROUS EFFECTS

The perfect fit saddle fitting kit supplies you with everything you need to make sure your horse's saddle fits perfectly.

What's in the kit :
Instructions: Read these first - they will give you a lot of information about saddle fitting.
A Flexible curve - measures 50cm
Laminated step-by-step guide. Take this out to the yard and follow it as you measure Templates If you own more than one horse, you can buy spare template sets, rather than another complete kit.

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