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According to the British Horse Society there are around 3,000 accidents a year involving horses on our roads, so it is worth taking as many precautions as possible to avoid becoming a victim.

It is difficult as a rider to avoid roads altogether, even if you favour using bridleways. Horses, by their nature, are also not totally at ease in traffic and prone to be startled, which further leaves horse riders at risk of accidents.

The BHS provides road safety training for riders, and the Highway Code has advice on how to handle riding on the road, but one thing you can do beyond that to ensure your safety is to make sure you and your horse are attired in high visibility and reflective garments and accessories.

Fluorescent clothing and hat covers, horse leg bands, exercise sheets, noseband covers, and tail sleeves, for example, greatly increase your visibility on the road during the day, when you may not be clearly seen otherwise, even in bright sunlight.

It's not wise to ride on the road after dark, but if you do reflective strips and a flashing tail guard could well save your life.

High Vis
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