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Stirrups and Leathers

We call them stirrup irons, but in fact most stirrups today are made of stainless steel or strong composite plastic, in different sizes and styles to suit different riding disciplines.

Most popular is the traditional Fillis stirrup, or the Peacock Fillis safety version which has an open side closed with a rubber ring for quick release.

Sizing is important when choosing stirrup irons. They should be one inch wider than the width of your boot across the widest part (above the ball) of your foot. Stirrups that are too wide will be hard to keep in position, and if they fit too snugly to your foot it will be difficult to slide your feet in and out.

Size is important too when selecting stirrup leathers. You need enough length and sufficient holes to allow for precise adjustment according to your riding discipline.

Stirrup leathers also come with a core of nylon webbing (which doesn't stretch with age and use like leather) or made of synthetic materials.

When choosing stirrup leathers make sure they match your saddle; sometimes it's difficult to co-ordinate shades of brown. You can also consider whether you prefer narrow or wide leathers, and flat or curved buckles.

Stirrups and Leathers
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